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2023 Social media trends

Hubspot, a leader in the digital marketing industry, asked over a 1000 social media marketers which social media platforms they’d be using in 2023. The results below are their ones to watch in 2023.

01. Instagram

Social media marketers anticipate Instagram to experience the most growth in 2023. It has the most accurate algorithm and provides brands with the best opportunity to expand their audience.

02. TikTok

Short-form video and live streaming are tipped to be the most popular social media trends in 2023. So it will come as no surprise that social media marketers expect TikTok to have the second-highest potential for audience growth in 2023.

A hubspot consumer trends survey found that 62% of Gen Z use TikTok so it’s a great platform to reach out to them.

03. Facebook

Facebook usage dramatically grew in 2022 and given the top trend for 2023 is investing in social media communities, Facebook is now the platform to watch.

04. Live audio platforms

23% of marketers are planning to leverage live audio chat rooms in 2023. Facebook Live Audio tops their list with 12% having already invested in it.