Abandoned cart recovery in 2023

Shopping cart abandonment is not a new phenomenon. Research shows that the average cart abandonment rate is as high as 69.80%.

2023 Social media trends

Instagram will experience the most growth in 2023 and provide brands with the most opportunity to expand their audience.

WordPress site security

The vast majority of attacks in 2022 targeted vulnerabilities in practice and process, rather than in software.

Don’t neglect the 404 page

Whilst the 404 page can be frustrating for a visitor, it is an opportunity for the website owner to be creative and re-engage the user.

How secure is your password?

Cybersecurity firm Hive released a chart that went viral when it showed the strength of a password against a brute force hacking attempt.

AI image generators

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage at the moment so we’ve been playing around with some of the free Ai image generators for fun.

Speed up a WordPress site

Figuring out why your site is slow can be challenging but there are some things you can do to improve page loading time.

Which big brands use WordPress?

WordPress powers over one-third of the web, including some of the biggest brands. So which ones use it as their CMS of choice?