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How secure is your password?

Back in 2020, cybersecurity firm Hive released a chart that went viral when it showed the strength of a password against a brute force hacking attempt.

The data was based on how long it would take an attacker with a consumer-level budget and high-end desktop computer and graphics card to decrypt a password using brute force – a systematic trial and error attack that submits many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly.

Two years later, which is a long time in terms of processing power improvement, Hive released an updated chart which you can see below.

How do you make a strong password?

As the chart indicates, you should use a password of at least 10 mixed up characters for maximum security. Anything simpler than that will only take hours to crack.

You can test your password strength at How Secure Is My Password? to make sure it is secure.

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