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Which big brands use WordPress?

WordPress powers over one-third of the web – it’s huge market share is 40% of all websites on the internet.

Its sheer flexibility allows it to power nearly any kind of website, blog, news portal or online store.

Here are some big brands that use it as their CMS of choice.

01. Katy Perry

katy perry website
Katy Perry’s website was created with WordPress and showcases her latest music and video releases, and upcoming shows so fans are kept in the loop. Fans can also access her merch.

02. The Whitehouse

The Whitehouse site runs on WordPress and provides public information on the current administration, its executive offices, statements from the President and Vice President … and more.

03. Spotify Newsroom

Wordpress is used as information hub on the Spotify Newsroom. You can find all the latest news from Spotify, including music releases, podcasts, Spotify communities … and how to sign up for their newsletter.

04. The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette uses WordPress to power the official news website of Harvard University and covers all its latest news and events.

05. Sony Music

The Sony Music website showcases its artists and labels, and provides info on its artists’ portal, all powered by WordPress.